Brandon Olson is a specialist in GIS applications to archaeology, landscape archaeology, and ancient ceramics. His research interests include fluctuations in settlement and land use as a result of changing hegemonic powers initiated by Greek and Roman expansion in the Hellenistic and Roman Levant. In adopting a landscape approach to archeological survey and excavation, Brandon seeks to harness the analytical qualities of ArcGIS in every stage of the archaeological process, from planning to final publication, in order to identify, characterize, interpret, and disseminate both diachronic and episodic changes in human settlement.

Working in the eastern Mediterranean since 2006, Brandon actively works on a number of archaeological projects in the Levant including the Mopsos Survey in southern Turkey, the Tel Akko Total Archaeology Project in Israel, the Pyla-Koutsopetria Archaeological Project in Cyprus, and the excavations at Polis-Chrysochous in Cyprus.